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It’s so nice of you to come by to see what Nina’s Blog is all about.

You might not have heard of me before, or you might have noticed that there is someone called Nina in London who has her own jewellery boutique online, or you might even be one of my loyal customers who already follow me on social media!

Whoever you are, I would like to welcome you to Nina’s Favourites!

Where to?
I don’t really want to be “the strange woman behind the keyboard”, actually I would rather tell you who I am and share my experiences with you, so you get to know me and understand for example WHY I set up my own business when I have little children, and HOW I make my business part of my journey of self-discovery. Why did I choose jewellery over say, coconut bowls? And what motivated me to leave my corporate job and go into being a full time Asian female entrepreneur?

I will also be talking about jewellery of course!
Something that I often observe when I am doing pop-up shops is how women perceive themselves when selecting jewellery. Their conversations give it away and I often hear “I can’t wear a tikka because my head is too small…” or “Green just doesn’t suit my dark skin..”.
I am really intrigued about how our self-perception, as Asian women in a British-Asian culture, is linked to our buying behaviour and self-value.

These are some of the things that are never really touched upon and there is so much connected to jewellery besides the latest fashion, combinations, contrasting, looks, colours etc.

Break it down
Just like a car isn’t just metal, some wheels and x amount of horsepower, right?
In the same way, I consider jewellery so much more than a sparky piece of metal, because there IS so much more to jewellery than just that!

Our emotions, our perceptions, our backgrounds, the jewellery we see in our media diet, elaborate jewellery pieces on celebrities in Bollywood, our childhood memories of jewellery, of our mum’s jewellery, our first jewellery box as a child, our first experience from a online jewellery retailer…… all these experiences define how we look and feel about jewellery.

So, I want you to come on a journey with me, where we talk about all the things above and more. My blogs will start with a question and end with a question and take you through your memories, emotions and cultural evolution.

Where from?

Just to be clear, I am not a “salesy” person by nature, my motivation comes from happy clients who are excited to wear her Nina’s Favourites purchase, the experience and the fun that comes with wearing jewellery and how that HAPPY experience becomes contagious when you share it with others.

Today, I am just excited to have finally launched my website, something that my clients have been asking for has finally been created for them! My collection is put together with a lot of love, and it has been such a pleasure to be working on a project that has been requested by my clients. I can proudly say that at Nina’s Favourites, the demand has always outstripped supply, and that is a sign that my vision and my hard work is appreciated.

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Happy Shopping!
Nina x