The bangles of Past, Present and Future

Let me know if you resonate with this, okay? So for the last 10 years or so I have totally neglected my bangle drawer (yes I have a 1x 1.5m drawer dedicated just to my bangles!) mostly because I have been busy looking after small children and setting up this lovely business of mine. No regrets, but now I miss wearing my bangles, if only they weren’t all mixed up!
January is a good month for change and de-cluttering, so I finally tacked THE BANGLES DRAWER! 

My drawer full of bangles are now neat and tidy after being a neglected for so long – as you can see in the picture, I had a little helper – my daughter, who was so excited to have become part of my little project!

I started the tidying up my bangles alone in mid-January with the intention of wearing my bangles again after having children, and slowly she started sitting with me and it actually turned into a mummy-daughter thing where we would share each other’s likes and dislikes and I would tell her some of the memories behind the bangles I have in my collection – some of them were her Nani Ji’s old bangles, some were her Daddi Ji’s old bangles and others were mine from my wedding and we even found a couple of bangles from my childhood too! 

For me, it reminds me that jewellery is more than just metal and beads, it symbolises my culture, my roots and it brings back memories of how our mothers, Massi Jis, Mami Jis, Tayi Jis, Chachi Jis, Pua Ji etc would dress up and little girls like me would admire them and look forward to becoming adults so we could do the same!! 

Enjoy your jewellery, give away what doesn’t bring warmth in your heart when you see it and wear it, and treasure the ones that bring back wonderful memories to be passed down to future generations of women in the family ❤

Share your story too, I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings ❤

Nina x

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