How to Create Your Own Sunshine – My top 5 Tips

Whenever the weather changes, something strange happens to us humans. We start feeling disconnected as if changing weather is a new phenomenon for us.

Such as when the hot days of summer change into rainy, windy days. At the beginning of this month it was 36degrees and so hot the washing hung outside would dry within the hour, these days it is the wind, thunder, hailstones, rain and yeah it definitely affects us and our moods. For some more than others. 

So what are these tips about as my title suggests? 

Well, they are my humble tips for when my mind feels a bit restless and instead of moaning about the weather (which is everyone’s right by the way!) I try a couple of things so my mind adapts to the changes. 

1) I use a meditation app called Insight Timer. I choose a meditation that I like, sometimes a short one, other times a long one. And I TOTALLY underestimate the power of meditation every time, because when I think of doing it my brain says “naa, how is that going to help?” BUT when I finally complete a session I am so grateful to myself that I took action and did it because it certainly calms my mind and brings back focus. 

2) Although I love summer and all the things you can do in the summer, I try and step back and try and enjoy the Autumn weather by going for a walk and noticing how the weather has changed the colours of the leaves etc. It connects me with nature and I feel my brain soaks in the change and instead of crying that the summer has gone, I start enjoying the Autumn and what it brings. Maybe make a list: cosy indoor “hygge”, blankets, tea lights, movies, walks in nature, wellies etc.

3) I often sit down with a blank piece of paper. I then set the timer, 15 minutes and I write NON-STOP. No thinking breaks, no formalities such as how neat my handwriting is or did I spell that word correctly, it is more like an “EMPTY my brain session” just like we empty a bin in the house. Once everything has been put onto that paper, I feel so much lighter and fresher!. 

4) There was a time in my life when I had my Walkman/Discman/Mp3 player/ iPod everywhere I went. The songs would put me into dream dreaming mode. But now I don’t even have a playlist of my own! So what I do is I search on YouTube for my favourite music composer, A. R. Rehman and lie on the floor like a teenager with my headphones on and just sing along to some of my favourite music for an hour or so. I probably sound like a cat, and it may sound like I have nothing to do in my life lol and how could any mother possibly have time for that right?  but what it does is, it helps me to remind of who I am underneath all the roles of mother, wife, colleague etc. and music has no seasons so it really cheers me up.

5) My final tip for a moody mind is to bring change into the house. This could be de-cluttering cupboards, sorting out my jewellery and makeup drawers, keeping on top of paperwork, buying a new item for the house and all that. But it could also be to tidy up my phone messages and photos, perhaps go through the photos that I have taken on my camera or phone and putting them into frames as a lovely reminder of a special moment. 

I have learnt that it is important that we learn to take responsibility for our own moods and never expect anyone else to make you happy. Write down a few things that cheer you up and do them when you need to, that way, you create your own sunshine and happiness in your life!

Nina x 

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