November is a special month for me, especially this year as I turn 40! ⁠

I’ve been asked so many times what I want for my 40th birthday. After looking around and wondering what to get, I have found out that I seek experiences, kind words, not stuff.⁠

I am a bit surprised because I was sure an expensive handbag or an expensive watch would make me excited and would be a well-deserved present for a round birthday right? ⁠

I totally failed at making a list of gifts that I wanted, instead, I ended up making a list of the PEOPLE that I want to spend time with. The thought of that makes me excited! ⁠

I also have a list of FOOD that I can’t wait to taste and I have a list of EXPERIENCES that I would like to make beautiful memories of.⁠

It’s funny, because in the last few years my ears were just not ready to listen to this number, FORTY! Maybe because there is so much fuss about it and there is a sense of pressure of celebration in a certain way. ⁠

Sometimes society makes us focus on the wrong things in life but when you are wise enough to unpick the things that are bad for you, that is when you are using your wisdom.⁠

At the end of the day, we are really not defined by our age. All a birthday does for me is make me wiser and happier in many ways. ⁠

I will be starting a list of all the beautiful things I have achieved in the past 40 years (might need some help from loved ones), and I think all these assets on my list will make me happy and grateful of all the achievements. So why not to #embrace40 ?⁠

You can’t go back but we can look forward. OWN IT!⁠

One thing on my list of achievements for sure will be www.ninasfavourites.com – A feel-good place full of beautiful jewellery and MY GIFT TO ALL of you following me!⁠

Nina x

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