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There is a crazy rush about Black Friday online that I don’t like. Is it because it is a relatively new thing in Europe and I am not used to it? Or is it because it is EVERYWHERE at the same time? I am not sure.

But yes I def want to buy lots of stuff and get FOMO very quickly and that just gives me stress and I end up buying nothing (which I will regret later!) I need a strategy! Here is what I have come up with:

My top 5 tips for a Black Friday Strategy:

Tip 1) Make a list of WHO you need presents for, include everyone even if it is teachers, secret santa or children.

Tip 2) Go through your list and visualise a “type of present” you think will suit that person. E.g. for a child who loves Star Wars and Harry Potter, close your eyes and imagine them opening the present. What could that thing be that makes them really happy? Write down a word for each person on your list e.g. Star Wars nightsuit, a magazine subscription for the child above. These are just ideas to get you started and give direction.

Tip 3) Lost of ideas for gift for a person on your list? Start looking for inspiration. Pintrest or alike is a good way of getting ideas. Personally I think hampers are a nice go-to when I can’t think of one specific thing to gift. E.g. I made a hamper for my brother with mathiya, some chilli bottles, a car magazine, nice shower gels, a new book etc. You could create a little themed hamper so make it more cool. Also, edible stuff is always good and very unisex!

Tip 4) Then make a list of all the retailers you normally buy from online and check out their offers! Chances are that you won’t find everything you need there which brings me to my final tip:

Tip 5) Consider shopping from SMALL BUSINESSES that you may not have bought from ever before! There are lots of businesses out there who make beautiful handmade things, from personalised playing cards, resin decor, wall art, jewellery, drinking bottles, facemasks and what not! Give them a chance and you will get surprised how far small businesses go to deliver their product with pride!

Last time Nina’s Favourites took part in the Pop Up Bazaar Group hosted by The Retail Business Hub Group by Ami Rabheru and it was a total pleasure to be able to send out Diwali jewellery gifts to new clients here on Instagram but ALSO to buy from other small businesses taking part there and pick up gifts from my loved ones!

Follow the tips above and see if they help, I certainly feel less stressed when I am organised like this!

Happy Shopping!


P.S. Although we are not doing a Black Friday Sale at here at we have a permanent SALE section on our website which always gets new things added to the special offers, so do add Nina’s Favourites to my Tip 4 list!

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