Nina’s Favourites

The beginning of Nina’s Favourites was a decision based on personal experiences of jewellery shopping in the Asian shops:

“I remember the frustration of spending most of a day going in and out of shops to find that elegant piece of kundan jewellery for my outfits, but everything was either obnoxiously expensive or the quality and customer service level was just not worth it…”

-Nina Kaur

I found it difficult to source the jewellery I wanted for myself, and the looks I wished to create never materialised until I went shopping to India, which would become an expensive habit in the long run.

With a love for traditional Indian jewellery, I now curate my own jewellery collection. Nina’s Favourites – Curated Jewellery Collection, is composed of handpicked jewellery pieces that I source and select to create a collection that suits the modern British-Asian woman. My selection criteria is comfortable, affordable and fashionable, and something that will make you feel confident about how you look and feel.

Being a mother of small children myself, I understand the challenges the modern mother faces, sometimes getting outfits (your own and your kids’), jewellery, make-up ready for a family event can seem overwhelming and sometimes daunting. My aim is to make your jewellery shopping less time consuming by bringing you a website that will save you valuable time looking for affordable and feel-good jewellery.

Welcome to Nina’s Favourites – Curated Jewellery Collection, I hope you enjoy your experience!

Nina Kaur